Stag Medicine, Honouring the Sacred Feminine

Scorpio full moon, April 26th 2013

Scorpio full moon, April 26th 2013

Returning to Source is an expression we hear a lot about, but what does it mean?

It was evening and the black of the night sky had not yet been impregnated by the full moon. I was sitting at the Sacred Fire of the Spiritual Unity of Tribes Gathering, Australia, at Halls Gap on the Scorpio full moon last month.

 I was listening to the poetry flowing out of a sister who was holding the Talking Stick as she circled the Fire. We were all being enchanted by her grace; by her purity which it seemed was unblemished; by her awakening which was transparent and by her tears of joy that flowed freely as she found her voice in the presence of her elders from all four corners of the world. Her struggle to describe her feelings in English rather than her native tongue and her eagerness to master this offered us another source of joy as we listened with all that we were. These were her gifts to the Divine Presence. She was holding her Stick, her Honour and her Sovereignty and was not apologising for her Power in any way. She was self aware and eager to express her awe and her wonder at the opportunity this experience was giving her and her humility was beautiful to witness. It was purely elemental.

We also were privileged to listen to an Elder male who was an accomplished speaker and who was proud and unapologetic for his strength of character and for his charismatic presentation. He knew this world well and worked hard for global peace and for balance among race and gender.

stag 2In the nearby bush we could hear the bellows of a Stag. His calls were deep and earthy, filling the canyon, sweeping up the cliff-faces in the darkness before moon rise and swirling back over the valley descending on us like a baritone’s base note as it heralded the forthcoming Light of the Scorpio Full Moon.

This bellowing sound was unfamiliar to me on one level only. Firstly, I come from Sydney where there are no native anything anymore. And now I live in Cygnet, south of Hobart, Tasmania and I have never heard a stag in the wild of the forest there either, despite an abundance of native fauna. In fact, I really never expected to hear such a sound in this Country, on our Australian Land, and regardless of any non native inhabitant issues, our only deer being farmed of course, I found it the most wonderful sound in the world!

I knew this sound though. It plummeted through the depths of my Being into the ancient parts of me; it drove me back into the forests of Sherwood; it bore me back into my life in old Europe; it carried me across the seas to my lives in the Americas and in Africa. It came from my childhood fairylands, in books and in soul. This sound vibrated deeply within the base chakra of my body just as did the big Pow Wow drum at closing Ceremony. The vibration crossed all boundaries effortlessly, rising from deep within Mother Earth.

IMG_2205It is Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, the year’s twilight and it is my most familiar time of the year; Scorpio moon in a Taurus sun, the returning home after the annual migration; the Star turns south towards home and hearth after the hunt; it seeks soul’s retrieval and replenishment. Harvest is in and now the Woman works for her people. She weaves the thread to make the sacred basket; she enriches it with sacred objects and makes an offering to the People, to her Lands, to Great Spirit. Her Spirit bowl serves the whole of life with a little of everything to be consummated; it is the pure Give-away. It fosters Sustainability!

The Goddess, who is now fully imbedded in the cave on the sacred night, as Mother Earth, calls to her womb, the sacred fire; it is Time. She is opening her womb to The Light!

Winter is coming!

The Sacred Silence will soon be upon us and we will all settle in to our Winter’s gestation. A time when we will feed and nurture our new vision, our young buck, with the sacred blood that flows through our veins, through the orifices of our pure hearts, drawing up from the well of Great Mystery the resources necessary to make manifest the new form from the soul.

Like the sacred river flowing to the sea, our new sons and daughters, our future, our new life will be born of this sacrament. It will emerge from the deepest recesses of our soul into Spring, rising above the forces of duality, rising above history, highlighted out of the masses of the mundane, wide awake with long memory, knowing its worth, knowing its purpose and wearing in its earthly garments, eyes with which to see and ears with which to hear sacred truth, unfabricated and unembellished.

IMG_2492 Dreamtime is the Creation Story within our own lives, it is the Rainbow Serpent from our own Covenant with Wakan Tanka, with Goddess, our Divine Principle. As we each face Medusa and avoid looking into her eyes, we are able to retrieve our own real story from out the cave of darkness. Accessing this sacred Knowing requires preparation, commitment and determination. To the uninitiated, we risk turning to stone, cold hard and frozen solid in shock of the post traumatic kind. Today post traumatic stress syndrome is threatening modern man as much as is terrorism and suicide. Who among us has the courage to face the darkness of our own lives and explore all the nooks and crevices of our story with its emotional traps and tribal betrayals. Who among us will accept the responsibility for that journey and say thank you to the perpetrators who betrayed our innocence and exploited our love, accepting them in grace and in gratitude for the opportunity they have given us to evolve as a Human Being just as Jesus did, above and beyond his tribal law and into Spiritual Law. Our Soul group serve us well and so we shall now serve them well, offering Spirit Food, Manna from Heaven, White Gold, as Blessings and Love for the part they were prepared to play so that we could grow in Love and as a true Christed Being of Consciousness. It is in innocence that we are betrayed, and it is in grace that we accept our rite of passage and cease projecting blame upon another brother or sister.

This is 2013 and it is here in the Southern Hemisphere, that Taurus the sacred Bull, White Buffalo Calf Woman, with her abundance of sacred teachings is leading the planet into the activation point of the birthing of the Sacred Feminine Consciousness this Winter in Cancer, the lunar sign of ancestors, tribes and the primordial waters of the universal womb, the Great Mother Sea to which all the rivers run.

As Taurus, the first born of the Triple Goddess Earth signs, (Taurus- fixed, Virgo- mutable and Capricorn- cardinal, the three feminine signs of the Cyclic Year) prepares to go to the Within of her White Winter Robe, here in Australia and other southern continents and countries, we, her children, are being given the opportunity to access this energy first. We are being given an opportunity to draw nourishment from the Healing Red Basket, Cheyenne ten Keya, the blood enriched womb of Gaia; to re-activate unused and damaged strands of our DNA and to restore ourselves from the world of strife amongst global tribes.

white buffalo calf

White Buffalo Calf Woman restored her strands as the White Buffalo Calf, to show the world, that this is The Way, The Sacred Path, and the Medicine Path that leads to recovery, beyond death, beyond extinction. She emerges from storms and tornadoes and she spins our lower material minds into the quickening and into death. When we speak with respect and acknowledge what is Holy then we are recognising our Self worth and we may become an apprentice to the Sacred Teachings.

Once replenished, we are able to fly across global borders into neighbouring lands, with respect and with integrity, cross pollinating our story with another’s in sacred circle, building compassion and helping each other to emerge like the butterfly from the chrysalis, drying our wings in the wild winds of the Spring storms and finding ancient ways of holding down our own energy in the face of turmoil.

It is up to us to harness our Spiritual Resources and fly fleet footed with Gaia into the future fourth dimensional space-time frequency now, this Winter!

We are being given eyes to see and ears to hear on a fourth dimensional vibratory field and it is my strong recommendation that we create for ourselves whatever circumstances are needed to access this Winter Window of 2013.

The Stag knows no limitation and teaches us the sacredness of our heritage and our royal right to life beyond seasonal, shamanic or tribal death.

Our free will shall reign as high consciousness, beyond entrenched patterns of cultural indoctrination.

Our free will shall embrace all creatures, great and small, co-habiting without fear based jurisdictions and defensive territorial segregations.

When we human beings honour respectfully, these amazing nations of Stag and Deer people, we will come to understand that they have great consciousness and will naturally offer themselves up and in rightful manna, as is their own birth-rite, to feed the People as is fit and fare. It is their Natural Law!

IMG_2227I watched and photographed from my outdoor dining table in Halls Gap, last month, kangaroos dining on the living grasses under the Great Manna Gum alongside humans, currawongs, cars, shops, children and pets. They were not being fed pellets from a paper bag or food scraps from the shops; they were eating grass that was thriving under the Manna Gum, despite the pedestrian traffic and the busyness of the location. There were no signposts to say they couldn’t graze naturally, and no beings threatened them or disturbed them. Nature ruled the day and nothing got in her way. So, as we humans become conscious of these natural laws, it becomes our free will opportunity to all live this way.

This is a sacred reunion here under the Southern Cross this Winter of 2013!

So mote it be!


Spider Medicine

IMG_2115I have only just returned from the Fourteenth Spiritual Unity of  The Tribes Gathering Australia, at Halls Gap at Gariwerd (The Grampians) in Victoria. If you had read my last post, Holding the Vision for the New Dawn, you would remember my little shamanic spirit totem, the Scarlet Robin who jumped in front of my car earlier in the month to bring me a message. Well, Scarlet Robin has been very, very busy this last whole lunar month; this has been the month of that amazing Scorpio full moon with an eclipse attached. My winged shamanic friend accompanied me to the SUT Gathering and as I sat under that April full moon, (ANZAC DAY RE-MEMBERENCE) and shared it with mobs of kangaroos and emus and white cockatoos and with elders in young bodies and with elders in older bodies and as I listened to their stories which they shared with the sacred fire, I knew that on many, many levels, a shamanic death was taking place.

Scarlet Robin with his scorched red heart is raising our collective vibration. He is messaging us that now is the right time to ask Great  Spirit to help us release both ourselves and our kin from our attachments to personal grief and tribal strife within family, within community and around the globe. In surrendering these attachments to the sacred fire, we will be providing ourselves and our kin for seven generations passed and for seven generation still to be born, with the lighter vibratory body of the white dove of peace, with the higher octaves of harmonious vibrations to live in.

When we open the portal to the higher, more pure of heart vibration of unified love, we must pass through the sacred fire, disrobing our scorched hearts and robing ourselves in the glistening threads of Spider’s crystalline, sparkling web. This eighth dimensional plane of consciousness allows us to re-organise our world into realms of experience that accepts and integrates diversity and death into the whole. Compassion rather than grief.  ‘Memento mori’ allows us to “in remembering death, find that which we most value in life” and so we are able to access the love dwelling within our soul’s essence, our essential nature.IMG_2038

We are then able to live in the ‘state of love’, in the ‘state of grace’, compassionate but not stricken by grief, we are able to live above the  grief vibration; understanding our grief but not adhering to it. Grief binds us to our tribe in such a way that it can become heavy and encumbered,  like a cobweb gathering dust and smelling musty. Grief needs to be cleared away so that only its light body remains on the frequency of harmony and integration. This can then remain connected to the world wide web of eighth dimensional frequency in Love And Light.

At this Gathering, we were being shown by Great Spirit through our Lakota relative’s guidance, how to release these attachments to grief to the wind and to new life and in freeing our bodies from such an encumbrance, we were allowing our spirits and our ancestors spirits to soar to the new world of the love vibration, we were also lifting the gravity out of our own bodies, uplifting ourselves on all planes, like the the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the shaman’s death fire.

Under the glaze and the warmth of the midday sun on the Sunday, at the Double Dog Scorpio Moon Sacred Fire, hundreds of our tiny little Spider relatives wove their fine gossamer threads on our laps and backs and cast themselves into the wind which was blowing from the South East. Across the central fire and beyond into the West swept sparkling gossamer threads to hook up the Medicine Drum near the Western Gate. This drum and the other Medicine Drum could be heard right up the canyon and into the nearby mountains and rock faces and waterfalls and goat tracks. These little tiny Spiders cast themselves on the end of their threads from the South where so many of the younger wise ones sat, our future Elders, across the sacred fire and on to the North, where many of the older Elders were sitting and into the souls of past generations. Far reaching is this energy field.

Fourteen years ago, in 1999, I also attended the inaugural Spiritual Unity of the Tribes Gathering, Australia, (Honouring The Grandmother), at Daylesford, in Victoria. It was here that I began a new cycle in my life on this Double Dog Libra Full Moon, walking in my new skin as Fullmoon-Rising. I had climbed out of my conservative comfort zone, I had completed my apprenticeship on the Sacred Pipe to the White Buffalo Calf Woman‘s Spiritual Teachings and was rising to the call of the Sacred Wind as a new Relative.

Later that same year I climbed to the top of Bear Butte Mountain, Vision Quest Mountain, out of Rapid City, to meet with the Eagles, I sat on the crown of The Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota after attending a Spiritual Unity of The Tribes Gathering, and I also sat on the dizzying heights of Old Oraibi, First Mesa, of the Hopi People on their most sacred day of their year, Corn Planting Day. I offered corn from my farm in Cygnet Tasmania to Mother Earth in honour and in respect of her, as I watched the People plant corn on the desert floor below after the electrical rain storm had flushed the earth anew the previous day. I travelled the breadth of Turtle Island, paying homage to Firefly and to Bear along the Way in Iowa, and I honoured the Drumming Circle and the Sacred River in the Allegheny State Forest in Pennsylvania at the American National Rainbow Gathering of that year.

Returning back home to Cygnet I was welcomed to the Land as custodian of my farm by the Ancestors of my region and I opened the property to the world as a place of Spiritual Rest and Restoration. This continued for the next seven years until finally I plunged over the precipice of my own personal grief in 2006, as the journey drew to a close in that body. I have spent the last seven years, retrieving my soul once again from the abyss of grief, from sacred Mystery, and today I have reached the crown of my next mountain, The Grampians, at Sacred Fire, releasing to the Wind any shackles of grief that no longer serve my Walk. I am here now, in the now, well rested and bathing in the rainbow light being cast down from the celestial halos around this double dog full moon once again. All my Cygnet friends at 42 degrees South, watched this beautiful rainbow phenomena on this Scorpio full moon, just as I had done at my first Spiritual Unity of Tribes Gathering back on the Libra Full Moon in 1999. Another new star of full consciousness is being born on this Double Dog Moon to cast Light upon The Medicine Path way into the future, and the web is already cast.  We have journeyed now through two, seven year cycles, Spiritual Unity of the Tribes and I, only to arrive back at the beginning, ready to cast the net out again over the sacred waters of Life, as light as a white feather aloft on the Spirit of the Wind.IMG_2492

This crystal thread covers the planet and back again as a cosmic web of sacred beauty, weaving as it travels, an octave of harmony in the midst of diversity and carries with it the light body of Mother Earth. As we all, equally, that is, all genders, rise above duality and open our sacred feminine wombs to the light after the tomb of shamanic death, we activate the healing process for Mother Earth, we call it in and we absorb its energy into the marrow in her bones, in our Oneness with her. As we gain strength so she gains strength, for we both are entwined in the Sacred Web of Life. As we call for integrity within diversity, so shall all patriarchal agencies representing the governing structures of this society bend to the Divine Will of the People of the Eight Directions, above as below, and open to the forum of Equity and Justice and operate with a new integrity. We collectively through this harmonic frequency will bring about CHANGE, a new star of consciousness shining in the Eastern Gateway, and in a Good Way.

Holding the Vision For The New Dawn

Scarlet Robin

Scarlet Robin

A Scarlet Robin flew onto the road in front of me last Tuesday lunchtime and forced me to slow down my car. He stood staring at me like a soldier on sentry duty at the threshold gate. His brilliant red chest protruded in front of him like a redcoat, and the white stripes down his black wings spoke of white gloves at the sentries sides. He arrested my vision and challenged my mind as to his intent and message. Here is a link if you want to read up on his sacred message. Two hours later that same afternoon, a person introduced themselves into my life whom I now recognise was carrying for me the exact same message: Ground the Vision upon the new East, the New Dawn. Feel the truth rise through the soles of your feet from deep within Mother Earth and know the truth of each subtle opportunity. Recognise the Messenger!

Medicine Wheel, a Native American sacred site ...

The Medicine Wheel is a living mandala that describes life, with its four sacred directions, east, north, west and south, with its four primary elements air, fire, water, earth, and with its four primary races of people that compose humankind, yellow, red, white and black. As we journey this wheel in our everyday lives, from dawn, to midday, to twilight, to midnight and return to dawn, we in the Southern Hemisphere are presently opening the gates to Autumn in Aries, our West on the Wheel with its sunny, crisp clear days that sharpen the senses and arouse the motivation for change and renewal. Aries brings new beginnings, fast tracking our Winter’s creativity, our personal inward goal setting and programming for our Winter’s inner nourishment and replenishment. Here, Aries motivates the personal, introspective desire for accomplishment through focus and concentration. There is no outdoor, expansive beach going, or picnicking or global visioning, but in-folding personal growth through contemplation and introspection.

Southern Cross

Southern Cross (Photo credit: tslaks82)

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we arrive at the Winter Solstice in the South on the Medicine Wheel, not the North which is our Summer Solstice. Under the Southern Cross, Mother Earth dons her winter robes in June, July and August. South is the place of the Winter Solstice, when we will have our Lantern Parade, our mid-winter fest. We will climb our mountain, where the air is thin and hard to breathe, and face the scaling of the craggy rock faces that typify the balding mountain summit or the white fields of the ice caps. Yes we will face the isolation of self in our inner Winter maturity. Aries heralds in the awareness that it is time for the Elders to speak, to talk their walk and to tell their story. To cross the great divide and to pass on their knowledge and to become active as mentors and share their wisdom with the young ones around the hearth, the fire at the centre of creation, the central sun. The inner child wants to stay forever young but to do this it must listen to the wind and explore the shaman within the soul. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the sacred texts are written in the wind. Deep in the heart of Winter we will hear our hearts speak to us if we free the minds of the monkey chatter and sit in the stillness of the soul.

English: Artist's conception of the spiral str...

English: Artist’s conception of the spiral structure of the Milky Way with two major stellar arms and a central bar. “Using infrared images from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists have discovered that the Milky Way’s elegant spiral structure is dominated by just two arms wrapping off the ends of a central bar of stars. Previously, our galaxy was thought to possess four major arms.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Above the crown of the mountain summit, a halo of stars shines down upon its snowy shoulders as the  Milky Way circles around its galactic core in the heavens overhead . The summit itself, sits like a throne high above the wind swept gnarled alpine trees that have been stooped by the constant battering of the high altitudinal storms. The snowy caps wrapping around mountain’s shoulders like the Grandparent’s long white hair, hanging in folds upon the chest; the White Hairs, the Elders, the Shamans.263_Snowy_Mountain2_2

The exposed mountain crag is not a place for the uninitiated, for the rulers of this land are the true Shamans. It is the place only for the sure footed, mineral seeking, rock licking mountain goat, the mountain sheep and the reindeer. These Keepers of the Sacred Wisdom, know their country; they are the map readers who watch the heavens and their surrounding landscape from the stately throne of mountain pinnacles with a 360° view. They read the language of the stars that ribbon forwards and backwards, weaving around our galaxy, the rainbow serpent of the celestial heavens, each night, each season, each century and each millenia– for theirs is a long memory, born from a place of stillness and held in a state of graceful silence.

Sacred mountain, vision’s quest and keeper of the records is to be climbed within the heart of winter by the pilgrim who knows nothing but is willing to experience everything upon the journey as a new soul.

The winter snows, begin to melt with the coming of our Virgo Spring here in the South, filling the sacred rivers and feeding their banks with the rich minerals that nourish, and nurture all life, transforming it from the ‘within’ of the winter womb of home and hearth, to the ‘without’ of the expanding chest, the healthy rich green mantel of the seductive maiden of a fertile but as yet immature land in Spring; the sunrise of an Eastern Gateway on a Western Shore. Our Virgin maiden bears her chest to the season’s first promise of a warm Summer.

Like the three wise men from afar, the Winter Shaman recognises a new star appearing in the sky overhead and knows to follow the path of the star to a star incarnate; a destiny’s child; the next apprentice to whom the sacred Knowledge will be afforded in body and in spirit upon the threshold of dawn. This child will become a teacher among men, not of religion or of politics, for obsessive defensiveness prevents these sectors from expanding in consciousness, but a teacher of the akashic records, the sky maps that influence planetary life and the universal laws that govern sustainable living. Wise men live above and beyond tribal strife, and foster an understanding of brotherhood among men and of integrity between diversity. They shape-shift in form and can be found in all shapes and sizes. I found one right here in my own family about August of 1983. She popped out of my own body and told me her name.

When the sacred knowledge is passed to the next apprentice in the line, the one within a family or soul group who is willing to accept this responsibility, and when he or she commits to the seeking and activation of that knowledge, this person will become a leader, a free thinking, independent and timely leader of man; born in humility, this person will walk a reverent path in service and in love. S/he will become a perfect model for modern man to follow. For if man does not seek to possess such knowledge, then he will have no true foundation for the free will of decision making or leadership. It is from this knowledge, that the inner voice of authority is generated, that is, the sovereignty of the self; and it is through the recognition of this sovereign self that the voice of wisdom of the soul can be heard, and its purpose for life can be activated.

Generations of children are currently being born who already know their birth-rite and carry the ability to express it. Each day I meet them and when their parents struggle to accommodate their journey, I will always be willing to support their parents so that they can also recognise them and nurture their story.

Faith should not be blind, it should be all seeing and educated and questioning; it should be challenging the status quo always looking for the flux of change. Blind faith is for the self righteous. It is for those who lack  the commitment to seek a truth beyond the horizon of their tribe. Blind faith is for those who avoid accepting the responsibility of their own journey, who remain bound to the traditional, the contracting, the conventional, preferring to project blame for a non serving, wayward path upon some god, a scapegoat in saffron garments or wearing a crown of thorns. Were they to wear a cluster of stars above their own heads as crowns to shine upon the wisdom Path, clarity of mind would differentiate the spectrum of hues within the snow white path. They would offer instead an educated faith that speaks of the right time to travel the goat tracks across the ridge cap or through the pass across the ravine before the deep snows of winter set in.

A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

The Sherpas, the Goat herders, the Shepherds and the Laplander with his herd of reindeer, would seek the knowledge of the Shaman in their endeavours to restore balance to the Mother Planet. The Eco Systems that stem from the Pole caps and their migrating herds govern the whole of life as we know it today and as science races to discover what the ice reveals, man might also race to discover what the traditional shaman of the Pole Lands on the Medicine Wheel of Life can reveal; they might listen to the voice of wisdom, no matter how young that voice is. The Poles both North and South, govern the Direction of Earth and the Cloud People. The Shaman, the Holder of the Vision and Keeper of the Ancient Knowledge, who re-members the Story of the Ancient World when Star Nations walked among the People of the Tribal Earth and seeded mankind with powers of thirst for knowledge and meaning to life, he carries the covenant, the golden casket, the grail of legacy and birth-rite. He holds the fire alight to show the Way, the Way of the Wise, the Bearer of the Eternal Flame, and the Keeper of sustainable living;

The Holder of the Feather of the Dove; the White Feather of the Elder, Tunkashila, Konkashila, Grandfather/Grandmother, The Infinite Whole! The Knowledge of the Divine Essence within the Self; the Christed Consciousness! (from Kris-conscious-aware)

Two rainbows embracing the full moon or the midday sun are recognised by the shaman as a Double Dog Moon or a Double Dog Sun.  And I quote Running Bear Swims Up Stream, a Canadian Indian attending the inaugural Spiritual Unity of Tribes, Elders Gathering held at ‘Dja Willam’ in Daylesford Victoria in March of 1999.

“ This we call a Double Dog Moon. It is where the sun and the moon marry and from this marriage a new star is born but in a good way.” This was on a Libran Moon with the Sun in Aries– Easter


White Feather Dreaming 


Recently my girls and I were preparing to leave for Hobart, in fact, it was a Thursday probably 21st March about a fortnight back. Suddenly Michelle calls me to come quickly; we were being called to the street. We live in our little cottage on the main street of a country village and of course the gallery was closed because we were heading to town for the day, it was our ‘week-end’.

All the fuss was because a little white bird was flitting around our doorstep in high winds and was being sucked under passing traffic. It had obviously escaped an aviary or birdcage and was lost. The unusual aspect of this situation was that none of my friends would normally have tolerated a caged bird and also, a strong motif of our gallery was always the empty birdcage representing freewill. My daughter’s first exhibition piece was a sterling silver birdcage with a feather as a catch on its silver neck band.

So now the demand from all and sundry is “Catch the bird! Catch the bird! So, the girls caught the bird and it spent the day in one of our empty tiny birdcages while we hunted out nothing less than a castle for this wayward bird. Cobweb Designs now has the care and nurture of a beautiful white canary that chatters all day long to every visitor, only as a good woman can; a real community bird who now raises the vibration of each day to a new elevation of joy.


Fourteen years ago at this same time of year, when the full moon was in Libra and the sun was in Aries, I was attending the Australian inaugural Spiritual Unity of Tribes Gathering at Daylesford in Victoria. The sub text for the Gathering was Honouring the Grandmother.

I had spent a couple of days cleaning bricks for the floor of the horse stable which was being converted to a kitchen and I was now assisting an American Indian build an Arbor, a thatched covered area for the elders to comfortably sit under shade around the sacred fire and talking circle. By mid morning my newly found Indian friend called a for break and we walked to a nearby campfire site for an apple. I immediately recognised this fire area from my Dreaming and asked him whose camp it was. Sure enough it belonged to the elders. I knew immediately that I was on my Medicine Path, the one my spirit elders had guided me to, when Bear, my gatekeeper, called upon Fox to present me to the Elders with questions I had. They were all sitting on those same stone logs around a fluorite fire in the deepest chamber of my inner cave.

Apple over, my new friend suggests we get back to work. Off we go…whoops! A brief stop at the mini tipi and then…off we go, again. Whoops! He stopped one more time. Suddenly, his head was down and his tail was up and he looked like a rooster in a barnyard. “What now?” I ask. “There is a white feather here somewhere”. “A what?” “There is a white feather here somewhere. Are you going to help me look for it?” “You have to be kidding!” There was only bare dirt and rocks for 30 feet in all directions. We were under a manna gum maybe 60ft tall with nothing underneath. Ok I started looking, then, I heard him say: “Oh, here it is.” I looked up and he was lifting up a small rock and recovering a white feather. It was broken in the stem and dirty but it was definitely a white feather. “Here!” And he handed it to me. “It’s not mine, I didn’t find it.” He pressed it to me.  ”What do I want with a white feather?” And so I took it and wandered around for hours wondering why I had a white feather, and what to do with it.Fluorite Crystal Wand

That same night as I dined in the Rainbow kitchen with all my friends, a double dog moon rose in the eastern sky and flooded the property with that same fluoro light that I had seen in my cave and I knew that I must now follow my guides instructions and do ceremony to activate my spirit name, Fullmoon-Rising, which I had received some years before but not honoured. My Spirit family gathered around me and we drummed and we prayed for Great Spirit to always light my path that I may walk on the good red road with full understanding and in full respect. A crystal path would carry me to North America where I would discover who I really was and bring me home to myself, freeing me of my search for my truth and eventually allowing me to simply live it.

The next day, the Wednesday, the Spiritual Unity Gathering began its four day vigil with the midday lighting of the sacred fire. This fire would be attended both by day and by night by firekeepers and would continue to burn until the following Sunday, and around this fire people from all around the world would talk and actively listen and sing and pray their stories so that all the People can come together in peace and in unity as one universal family. The event activates the links that unite us as human beings and like ants in an ant colony each individual becomes an integral part of the whole, bearing the weight of the whole and when touching each other in spirit, bearing the strength of the whole. I have attended other Gatherings, both here and in the States, with and without my family, and each one builds unity and acceptance of the value of story. Frames of reference change as we listen to each other and our hearts open to different parameters of truth. We widen our scope of understanding. Gatherings happen in Australia, North America and other countries like Alaska, each year and the next Australian Gathering is to be held on April 26th 2013, at Halls Gap in Victoria.


Since that inaugural Gathering in April of 1999, I have floated like a feather through chapter after chapter of my life story, both watching myself participating in events from above while simultaneously engaging in the fullness and rawness of emotions and actions in play. On each page my awareness has risen, recognising the choices that I can have in attitude and approach to each event. By remaining embroiled in the snares of emotional hooks or barbs associated with dramas we block our creative potential and frustrate our efforts to grow spiritually. I continually review and embrace my history, recognising it as a foundation stone of my today and a cast for my future. The threads that weave this life tapestry are illuminated and luminescent that I might find them and link them together forming the colours of today’s diverse tapestry.


English: Feather in the woods at Alford This s...

Clearing the pathways towards me and away from me, allows others to cross the boundaries of time space fluidly so that we can each find our relatives, our universal tribe and find validation in each other’s truths thereby weaving a light grid around the planet for all who seek to see.

White feathers float into our lives through imagery, through symbol, as birds such as doves and white goshawks, as gifts from friends, or on beaches and parks. Spirit is always sending us messages to light up our way, it is up to us to educate ourselves in the language of Spirit and it is up to us to listen to the wind when a storm is carrying a feather aloft. A pure heart and an open mind frees Spirit to activate our subtle realms and so we are able to become sensitive to the fullness of ourselves and our life story.

The Firefly and The Bear



(I bought myself a bear once, it was when I had begun to accept responsibility for my own story;  I suppose that I was about 45 or 46 at the time. This was not a teddy bear, all golden yellow with a cute face that I needed to nurse the way a child would, no, this bear was a dark chocolate brown bear with a big nose and a very adult face. This was a grizzly bear that was going to nurse me back to health, what I call “big picture health”. I took this bear to bed with me to nurse an ancient wound that I could not heal by myself. He was my papa bear, and it took 12 months before I forget to take him to bed with me. I found him one day when I was vacuuming under my bed, he had dust and cobwebs on his face, and I knew that his Medicine had worked and that  I, was healed.)

A Fairy Story

When I was a little child I used to love climbing into the crisp freshly washed sheets of my bed, and, escaping the torments of my younger siblings, who shared my room. I would pull the sheets right up over my head and shut the day world out for the night. Outside my bedroom window, which was at the level of my pillow, was growing a large leafed coprosma. Mother would say that during the dark of the night when I was dreaming, the fairies were busy all night long polishing each leaf so that it could glisten in the moonlight like a little shining star, keeping the boogie man away, thus giving me a restful sleep. The leaves on that bush and their tiny housekeepers, the fairies, became my guardians who were there for me and left me feeling safe whenever I needed them to. In the morning the evidence was always there. The dark green leaves were so glossy that the dew drops rolled straight off them just like my bad dreams did when I woke up. Mother would always tell me that my good dreams stayed hiding inside me for me to hunt out when I was ready to recover them, just like the golden treasure that was always buried deeply inside the dragon’s cave for the brave knight to seek.


When I was all grown up and was learning how to master the boogie man of my own fear and insecurities, having experienced so many Knightly style challenges on the pathways of my 46 year life, I sought the solace of the cave within, where all that treasure was held. I didn’t realise that I would have to face off against the dragon first. Fear wanted to grip me by the throat and threatened to strangle me as I tried to face up to the tumultuous emotions attached to so many of my past adventures. There had been so many, that the hidden realms of unprocessed judgements were threatening my capacity to meet each day in a healthy way.

Drumming of the Heart

When I was in my apprenticeship with the Dawn Star Teachings, I was taught a guided meditation which I  found facilitated a safe process to penetrate those protective barriers we use to guard our story and its associated emotional attachments. I used this technique many times with great success in my own Medicine Circles in later years. So now I will share with you some of my own experience and where it led me in finding compassion and understanding of my own journey and the eventual release of the associated pain.


While the Medicine drum was drumming the rhythm of the heartbeat, we were being asked to enter our cave and greet our totem animal spirit who was to act as our tour guide and was waiting for us to arrive. A guided tour of my own inner world seemed very appealing to me. My first visit to my cave was just all fun and games for me, while others in our group couldn’t even get near their cave. Waiting for me as I approached my cave entrance was a great big and very friendly grizzly bear. He filled up most of the entry area, so I needed to become very small to slip past him and into the opening chamber. Once inside,  I found that I was no more than a firefly and this suited me very well as I didn’t want the weight of gravity bearing down on my shoulders. I was already exhausted from living so intensely in daytime, so this little retreat was becoming my light relief, my respite and my healing. I needed to feel safe, and to do that I needed to be airborne; fight or flight.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear (Photo credit: Jackson Hole Central Reservations)

My life at that time had always been filled to capacity with activity. I was a mother, a step-mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a business woman, a student, a farmer, and a friend.’ Time out’ for me always included other people and the few moments that I devoted to myself was usually spent problem solving.

My Medicine Place

This cave was starting to feel like a really good place for me, and a haven from daily demands. My imagination could soar and I could fly and then quickly I discovered the most important thing; I could jump all over my new best friend ‘Bear’, and tickle him under the chin and play hide and seek with him, and never, ever, ever get chastised, because I was a fast, speedier than lightening, dodgem firefly and had virtually no weight, and I didn’t have to prove myself to him, after all I created him. I could just frolic like a child and was ready to settle down, and this, of my own free will, we could go and explore a dream together, whether it was scary or not. Always waiting for me in deeper chambers were other animal friends such as wily fox and when he came, I knew I would be facing some of the more difficult hiding places of my childhood. These totems would always return me to ‘Bear’ in the main chamber afterwards though, and only ‘Bear’ would release me back through the gateway portal to a cognitive, awakened consciousness.

My Medicine Path

Years further on, I was camping by the river in Clayton County, Iowa in the National Park and just at dusk while my friend with whom I was travelling was cooking a meal, I noticed the bushes along the river’s edge were coming alive with firefly. Real glow in the dark firefly, darting around, flicking on and off, just as I had done on ‘Bears’ great shoulders. How fascinating, and for me, how moving. I felt as though I was in very good company and that we were all related. I offered tobacco to Great Spirit in gratitude for the vision and the intimacy of life no matter where we travel, within or without.

The following day we discovered that we were also near the Effigy Mounds (we were travelling east on our way to Pennsylvania), and so when we made inquiries, the ranger asked us did we want to see the bear or the eagle. Guess what I said?

So, off my friend and I hiked, up the hill and through the woods. I could almost visualise the moccasined feet of the young braves stealthily and silently flitting through this soft foliage in another space-time, as though gravity was only a counterpoint to their flight. Our trail demanded from us a silent meditation and a reverend step. Suddenly a clearing appeared before us and lo and behold, there it was; my great big grizzly bear; my friend, totem, gatekeeper, and cave tour guide; my witness to my truth and my protector when I became fearful of my own history.

Little Bear Mound at Effigy Mounds National Mo...

Little Bear Mound at Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa, USA as seen from the ground. The white outline was added to make the shape visible from the air. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Honour and Respect of You

Immediately we took off our shoes, placing them to the side and without word we walked in two directions, one for the Northern Hemisphere energy flow that we were in, and one for the Southern flow from whence we had come.  The white stone pebble path followed the outline of the mound in the perfect form of the sacred Bear; the Gate-Keeper of the West; The Woman’s Lodge, and the water element of The Dreaming or Dreamtime as Australians know it. I had travelled Northward, across the Equator, from one great continent to another from ancient land to ancient land journeying from childhood to adulthood on a thread of light, one hoop on the Medicine Wheel of Life.  White Man journeying back to Red Man roots where Yellow, Black, White and Red Peoples come together equally to face the Centre or the Sacred Heart of the Self, of the Mother Planet, through Great Spirit in harmony and in relationship.

Good Medicine

In this story though, I am in the West on the Medicine Wheel, in the darkness of the womb of life and death, of blood and of bone, of nurture and nature. It is here that we learn the sacred laws for woman; maiden mother, crone and healer, herbalist and ancient Knower of all things, the place of Intuition. It is here that the past is assimilated into the present as preparation for the future, or in other words, the All Present. It is here that records are kept, the Akashic, the thirteen moons of the calendar year, the cycles and the seasons, all thirteen of them, for each change offers something new and something old, the inundating high tide and the receding low tide, the ebb and flow of life. In the West, the primal waters flow conducting renewable energy just as the stream of lifeblood flows throughout our veins, and just as the sap flows in the trees to provide us with the essential oxygen that we humans and other animals depend on for survival. The Sunset, the autumn, and the maturity of life are the times of returning home through the renewing of the past and the polishing of long memory from which we gain strength, and can find compassion and forgiveness of the naivety of earlier times.  I will never forget the past because if I don’t receive the message that flows in the current of the river, then holocausts will surely be born again out of my forgetfulness.

A mother grizzly with a cub

A mother grizzly with a cub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We alone can change the course of history, with its repetitious nature and it’s never ending cycles. We can re-member our own Akashic records, seduce the dragon of protective loyalty that stands guard to the Keep of buried treasures within; treasures of dreams and ambitions, of passions and of magic that will turn to dust if we do not resurrect them from our own bone yards, and put them to usefulness, to goodness, to goddessness. By releasing the associated emotions of our challenging life’s experiences we help to heal our immortal wound, and thereby release the spontaneous inner child who does not hesitate to explore every new opportunity for adventure, now intuitively choosing the right path for the highest good of all. Sometimes, we adults just need to get out of our own way and allow our inner child to trust Great Spirit in its Goodness.

Aho, Mitakuye-oasin (all my relatives)